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"Carrie, I want to thank you from the depths of my being for sharing your gifts with the world. They are completely opening up my soul and deepening my connection to Spirit. I am so blessed and grateful for I was guided to your website at the perfect time." Danielle, i-am-this member

Live Empowerment Calls

My job is to provide a direct connection to Spirit. It is my gift, one that I have been honing for over twenty years now, to bring forth pure messages and energies from Spirit and share them with you, live, just as they come to me.

I do this for I-am-this members, live, four times a week.

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Recordings of all calls, including the past archives, are available to all members at all times. So even if that schedule doesn't always work for you, you may still participate on your own schedule.

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About Carrie Hart

I am Closeup350a Pathfinder and Life Strategist as well as a singer/songwriter, inspirational speaker, the author of the Earth Survival Guide: Why You are Probably from Another Planet and How to Survive This Oneand A Call to Greatness, the Exciting, Joyous Journey Your Soul Wants You to Take, and the creator of the unique websites, PowerAnimalsUnleashed.com and Quado.com.

I have been privileged to bring the wisdom of Quado and the healing power of Running Wolf to thousands of people since the early 90's. Princess Feather-Light, the ultimate energy worker, appeared after this i-am-this site was created. And now the Priestesses of the Amazon are joining us to bring abundance and prosperity to the earth.

Please also explore the events, programs and private sessions I offer on CarrieHart.com.

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