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Quado: Dare to Live

Have the courage to live fully. Take a bite of the fruit of life and let the juice run down your chin. Dare to dance, dare to sing, dare to love. Dare to care too much and shed some tears. Dare to invest and commit. Dare to expend too much energy. Dare to push the [...]

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May 26, 2013 Journey to The Tree of Life

Today we entered the cave and ascended the spiral staircase. As we walked up the steps, we freed ourselves from the ancient human life patterns and dramas; we loosened manacles on our ankles and dropped the balls and chains into the void in the center of the staircase. We reached the mountaintop and traveled out [...]

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Quado: You are an Avocado

You are an avocado. On the outside is the skin that others see. Perhaps it is shiny and glossy; perhaps it is thin and vulnerable. Perhaps it is even torn, exposing the tender pulp underneath. This tender pulp is the personality, the self you have built up over the years, in response to circumstances and [...]

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May 19, 2013 Journey to Squirrel and Snake

Today we went to the Land of the Power Animals to gain wisdom. First we spoke with Squirrel, who talked to us about balancing safety and security with a love of each day, each moment. He also reminded us of our deep knowing of what is coming our way. Next we encountered a lovely snake, [...]

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Quado: You Are the Love and the Light of the World

As you walk your path, experience your increase in power as an expansion.  Experience it as you would a glowing ball of energy that continues to expand with each breath of freedom.  The core of the ball grows brighter as you walk your path and the light extends out further and further. The result of [...]

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May 12, 2013 Shamanic Journey: On the Path

Every day last week, I saw Running Wolf standing on a glowing golden path that went winding across the landscape under the night sky. Today, this is exactly where our shamanic journey led. We ascended the spiral staircase, stood on the mountaintop under a dome of stars, and then stepped out onto our path to [...]

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May 5, 2013 Shamanic Journey: Challenges

Running Wolf led us on another wonderful shamanic journey today. We ascended the spiral staircase, growing younger as we did so, opening our eyes to new wonder. We stood out on the mountaintop, beneath an enormous moon and circling planets of all sizes and colors. We then received a deep understanding of the challenges and [...]

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Quado: Release and Forgive

Today is the perfect day to forgive.  And by forgiveness we mean a release of ill will, a release of that corrosive presence of non-love.  By forgiveness we mean a movement into complete love.  Love for yourself, love for others and love for life itself. The simplest way to move into forgiveness is through gratitude.  [...]

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