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June 30, 2013 Journey to a New Land

We ascend the spiral staircase from the cave to the mountaintop, where Running Wolf calls to us from a land covered in fog, across a bridge.  We cross over and when Running Wolf strikes the ground 3 times with his staff, the fog clears.  We find ourselves in a wondrous land, a community, where everyone [...]

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Quado: Your Greatness

Your greatness is not a dream you must pursue. It is not a career or a position, an award or anything that tangible in this physical world. Your greatness is a characteristic and it may find its expression in many ways. Too often you ask, is this the path of my greatness? If this is [...]

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June 23, 2013 Walk on Eagle Path

We enter the shaman cave and find Great Eagle waiting for us, in full feather. He lets out a cry and we are instantly transported to the mountains, where we see Running Wolf, also wearing feathers, at the end of a long path, before a tree full of eagles. You slowly walk the path. With [...]

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Quado: Unfolding in Spirit’s Way

When you watch a plant, you cannot see it grow. The movement of that plant is at a speed that is not visible to the human eye. And no matter how hard you look and how long you watch, you cannot see the movement. But when you return later to look, you see that change [...]

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June 16, 2013 Journey to the Rain Forest

You find yourself in a rainforest. A snake slithers across a bough. A leopard looks down from another bough. The leaves drip with rain. Running Wolf draws a circle around you and purifying smoke spirals around you and within you, lifts the illusion and brings you to a state of pure I Am presence, power [...]

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Quado: You are Part of a Larger Pattern

  There is a large picture, a greater way, a pattern that goes beyond your knowing. There is a deep knowledge that is conveyed in the smallest of things. You are known and you are a part, a deeply important part, of the ongoing evolution of the universe. Your step is a step shared not [...]

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June 9, 2013 Journey with Polar Bear and Wolf

After we completed our climb up the spiral staircase, we emerged onto an arctic landscape. We walked through the blowing snowstorm with Polar Bear on one side and Wolf on the other. We learned about the way our mind creates stories of worry, fueled by fear. Polar Bear surrounded us with love, safety and security [...]

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Quado: Embrace a Youthful Zest for Life

Keep that feeling of hope and anticipation alive in your heart. Embrace a youthful zest for life, no matter how old you are. Do you remember looking forward to all the wonderful things that might unfold? Some came to pass and some did not, but the feeling that they might made all the difference. It [...]

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June 2, 2013 Moon and Star Power

Today we again entered the cave and ascended the spiral staircase. As we walked up the steps, were taken back to youthful hope and anticipation, to deep emotional connection with the most perfect moment of our lives. When we emerged on the mountaintop, an enormous yellow moon was rising and the sky was full of [...]

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