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Quado: On Love

What does it mean to truly love another? It means that they are allowed to be different from you, to have a different manner, to hold a different view, to express themselves in different ways, and yet still be within the light of your love. Love speaks gently. Love does not judge and criticize. Love [...]

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July 28, 2013 The Elephant and the River of Love

This week’s journey is all about love and the power of love. You ascend the spiral staircase, filling your heart with love with each step. You find Running Wolf and the Elephant waiting at the top. You walk together and, as you walk, flowers spring up under your feet and you leave beyond a blossoming [...]

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Quado: Dare to Speak Your Truth

Dare to speak the truth, your truth, the truth that stems from your own uniqueness. You are an original.  You are utterly unique.  And yet, the truth that is within you is universal; it strikes a chord with all who walk this life. When you speak the deepest truth, yet speak it in your own [...]

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July 21, 2013 The Wind and the Tiger

You walk the spiral staircase to the mountain top, where you see Running Wolf directing the wind.  He sends a wind to swirl around you that stokes your inner fires and empowers you as a glowing torch lit from within.  You see around you that candles flicker and blow out, but you are impervious to [...]

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Quado: Tell Me Your Dreams

Tell me of your dreams, the dreams of your soul that you can hear whispering on the wind. Tell me of your dreams, the dreams of your heart that reverberate in your veins. Tell me of your dreams, the dreams of wonder and beauty that you are aching to bring to the world in a [...]

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July 14, 2013 Power

As you begin to ascend the spiral staircase, you feel very slow and heavy, but with each step, a burden falls from you. These burdens are of the past and future, of false perceptions and ideas, of regret and fear. They fall from you, bounce down the steps and go into a pool of love [...]

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Quado: If Only You Knew

If only you knew the extent of the love that is there for you, you would relax back into the arms of love, you would forgo all fear, you would banish all doubt from your mind.  If only you knew. You are a deeply loved child of the universe.  The angels watch over you.  You [...]

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July 7, 2013 You are the Change, with Running Wolf and the Crows

You ascend the spiral staircase from the cave to the mountaintop and step into a purifying wind.  The crows fill the air, speaking their message of change, how the change for yourself and the world is inside you.  Don’t wait for change to come, they say. Running Wolf causes the earth to tremble and lightning [...]

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