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Wealth and Prosperity

I dreamt I was in an enormous building, full of busy workers. I needed to locate a particular man to do my work, but I kept getting lost, asking directions and following labyrinthine paths. There was a long hallway leading to a door. A woman walked by and complained that women were not welcome past [...]

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Quado: You Are Free!

I have come with good news. The bars of the cage that hold you back of are of your own making. You have the power to dissolve them and walk free. You are both the judge and the prisoner; find yourself innocent of all charges and step out into the sunshine of life. You are [...]

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October 27, 2013 Unique Symbol of Courage

When you enter the cave, you feel the anticipation in the air. You are taken to a circle where you are surrounded by chanters and drummers and presented with a gift, a talisman of courage. As you accept this gift, it transforms into a golden symbol, your unique symbol, which represents the complexity of your [...]

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Quado: Be Willing to Change

You are much more capable of change than you realize. You are not your habits. You are not your personality characteristics. These will fade when your life is done and you will be your truth. And that truth, that center of being that is actually who you are, can be expressed through many different personality [...]

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October 20, 2013: Star of Destiny

The spiral staircase is shining with the glow of destiny. As you walk up the stairs, you also lift up into Soul, feeling and knowing the expanded state of Soul that goes beyond words. You feel the other lives spun out by your soul, the adventures in other galaxies. You resonate at a higher frequency [...]

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A World with No Past

I had the most interesting experience yesterday, while I was in the shower. I was suddenly transported to a world where there was no past. Literally. There was no past. It was very clear to me that what I have always thought of as the past was just a story that my mind had made [...]

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Quado: Experience Life

Experience life. Allow life to rub up against your ankles and purr. Allow life to curl up next to you as you sleep. Experience life. Run across the meadow with arms flung wide and then lie panting among the fragrant wildflowers, gazing up at a sky so much greater than your thoughts. Experience life. Allow [...]

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October 13, 2013: Stars of Opportunity and Possibility

The staircase is full of stars suspended in the golden light of your Soul energy. As you step on the first step, you realize that you have created a barrier of protection over the years that is not allowing you to see the stars of opportunity and possibility clearly. You choose to lower this barrier [...]

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October 6, 2013: The Tunnel of Light to a Higher Dimension

You go to a place in the shaman cave where you have never been.  You stand in a circle under a hole in the roof; it is a place of clearing and cleansing.  Planets of various colors shine down upon you, lifting your energies, preparing you for entering a dimension of higher, lighter energy.  You [...]

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A Thrilling Ride on the Ego Train

I have been having some odd experiences and I think I may know what is going on. I am being taken to a place where I experience the basic spiritual principles, but in an accelerated, intense, and quite visceral way. And I believe this is happening to me so that I can then share these [...]

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