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A Mighty Message from Mouse

I am the mouse, the mighty little mouse, and I invite you to open your ears and hear me as I speak of your greatness. You are one of so many in a world that glorifies the accomplishments of the very few. How can you make your mark? How can you do something significant [...]

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Quado: Patience and Consistency

Whether growing a garden, learning to play an instrument, speaking a new language or creating a new enterprise, one hour a day—or even 15 minutes a day—applied consistently without fail, will produce much better results than larger amounts of time applied sporadically and inconsistently. The consistency allows everything to relax, to know what will be [...]

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November 24, 2013: Mastery of Time

As you ascend the Spiral Staircase you learn mastery of time. You enter a dimension that lies between the timeless, space-less Soul Dimension and the heavily time-bound earth dimension. In this dimension you can open up time, slow it down to allow you to accomplish great things within a short amount of clock time. You [...]

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I Believe in Love

Yesterday someone told me they read that war might be necessary for peace to exist, that poverty might be necessary for affluence to exist, and that we need to be careful about judging anything as wrong or bad, when it may be required to bring forth its opposite. My immediate response was no, absolutely, I [...]

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Quado: Engage with Others

In your dreams of a life to be, you may forget that in lieu of a Fairy Godmother, you must rely upon other people to open doors and work with you to create what you wish to see come to fruition. At some point, everything relies upon more than one person to bring it to [...]

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November 17, 2013: Bridge to the Stars

The spiral staircase is full of stars. As you walk up the staircase, you unburden yourself of the relationship loop where you try to make another happy so that they will appreciate and love you so that you will be happy. You give everyone, including yourself, complete responsibility for their own happiness. You go into [...]

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Quado: It is Your Time to Shine

This is not the time to be timid and hide who you are. This is the time to shine out with full force of being. This is the time to show the world who you are with no uncertainly. This is the time to be yourself and make your own truth known, loud and clear. [...]

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November 10, 2013: Earth and Spirit Combined

Your journey begins by experiencing all of the elements of earth: wind, fire, soil and water. You find a crystal in the earth that contains the energy you require for the journey. As you climb the spiral staircase with vine-covered walls, you find you are able to shape-shift into a power animal, who brings you [...]

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Quado: You, Fully Expressed

What could be more magnificent than you, fully expressed? What could be greater than the pouring forth of your talents upon the world, the sharing of your ability to create beauty and even grandeur? You still have time. You still have the ability to take the seeds that have only just sprouted and let them [...]

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November 3, 2013: Butterfly Transformation

As you begin your climb up the spiral staircase, you see a caterpillar making its way along the step unable to reach the next. As you help this little caterpillar, you understand yourself in this way, that there is help for you as well, help to find the path around and help to be lifted [...]

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