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Cleaning and Planting (

Today you have two experiences:  first a thorough spring cleaning and then a walk in your fields.  In your spring cleaning, you throw open all the doors and windows to let a nice fresh breeze blow through.  Then you open all the cupboards and drawers and toss what is old and worn and no longer [...]

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You Have the Power (

Today you are in a beautiful meadow as thousands of angels drop down around you, sending you this message:  You have the power.  Thousands upon thousands of angels have no more power than you do, if you will only not deny it. You connect with your Soul Spirit and move into a state of oneness [...]

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The Next Level (

You are lifted up into the clouds, into the next level of being, a place you are almost ready to step into.  At this next level of awareness and evolution, your body is so closely attuned to spirit that it is very easy to receive guidance and make choices.  And then, when you turn that [...]

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The Energy of Intention (

Today you are surrounded by random energy patterns that feel neutral.  You then reach up to your Soul Spirit Star and  stand within a column of light, your light, your unique energy signature that is full of the intention for your life here on earth. You go to your center of truth, to that place [...]

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Why You Are Here

Today, as you stand on the sand and look into the limitless sky and feel the steady, relentless power of the ocean, you understand your own limitless power and the reason you are here on the earth. You are here to shine your light, to bring your unique energies to the earth at this very [...]

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For Long-Term Change (

Today you understand how everything holds a natural pattern of evolution based on its foundation and how change happens naturally, without push and control.  The tree holds an energetic projection of the leaf, before the leaf is formed.  And if you wish to change that form, you go to the roots, you change the amount [...]

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Quado: Let Love Flow

Allow love to flow. Allow yourself to be full of love for yourself and others. It is the natural way for love to be present and to be in motion. It is natural and easy, the path of least resistance, to go where love leads. Allow anger and frustration to resolve into love. Relax your [...]

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May 25, 2014: Building Your Cohesive Core of Talent

The spiral staircase is full of scattered light, like laser beams going many different directions. As you climb upward, they begin to focus into a circle with a strong beam in the center. These are all areas of your life in which you have natural talent and skill. And in the very center is something [...]

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Energy from the Planets (

Today you stand on a dais in the center of the courtyard as Princess Feather-Light arranges colored planets in the sky to shine down upon you, their catalytic energy strengthening your own core of beingness.  Your mind fills with stars and you stand within the column of unique energy from your own Soul Spirit Star.  [...]

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Inside Pyramid Energy (

You are in the middle of a beautiful meadow, with wildflowers and butterflies, feeling the most light, bright and joyful energy that comes in waves across the meadow.  Now an energetic pyramid surrounds you, and you see that inside the pyramid you are still in the sunny meadow, but that outside the pyramid a storm [...]

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