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Healing Body Treatment (

Today Princess Feather-Light gives you a full body treatment.  She begins by relaxing your entire body, head to toe.  She then moves her hand in a rainbow arc to pull forth her healing lights of all colors.  As she examines your body, she places healing lights where you could use a little extra help.  She [...]

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Quado: Treasure How You are Different

Blossom with beauty, blossom with wonder, blossom with all that you are.  As you go through your life, know that you are the essence and that your influence is great indeed.  Every thought and every beat of your loving heart has influence.  Every touch of kindness, every smile, is a light that shines.  Every kind [...]

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June 29, 2014: You are Flower After Flower

The spiral staircase is made of earth, and with each step, you become a new flower.  You have this ability to consciously renew yourself, each flower more full of love, each more connected into the oneness.  As you look down the staircase, you see all the wondrous flowers you have been and recognize and appreciate [...]

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Gift of Self-Love from the Faerie Queen (

Today you visit the faerie forest, where your backpack full of worries is instantly whisked away.  You enter a clearing and see there the beautiful Faerie Queen. The Faerie Queen lights up your center, heart and mind with the pink light of self-love.  You then choose up to three areas in your life where you [...]

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Self-Love and Oneness (

Today you move into deep self-love, filling yourself with a compassionate and forgiving love that acknowledges the difficulties of your journey, how hard you have tried, and how you did the best you could along the way. You love yourself deeply and know that you are truly one with all that is, so that loving [...]

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Solstice Empowerment Recording Available Now

Wow! That was some energy we had pouring through on the Solstice Empowerment Event. If you have not yet experienced the live event or recording, you may still do so by going to the Products page on All of the energy is still right there in the recording—I highly recommend it! I have just [...]

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Angels and Movies (

Today you are surrounded by a circle of angels, all sending you love.  As you stand in the center, the circle deepens, with deeper and deeper concentric circles of angels, all sending you love, all there to let you know that you are deeply deserving of love. As you stand feeling the waves of love [...]

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Shamanic Soul Retrieval (

A lion and a lamb wait at the river’s bank as you journey among boulders and into caves, finding those aspects of yourself that you left behind in your life.  Perhaps it was a traumatic event or a difficult period of your life, but you have now the chance to retrieve those parts that you [...]

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Dream a Tree (

You dream of a tree and awaken with a seed in your hand.  You plant the seed and hold the tree in your mind, while you give the seed what it needs to grow.   You continue to water the tree.  Even though the sprouting seed cannot be seen above the ground, you see the quickening [...]

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The Meadow, Pegasus and the Flow (

Today you are transported to a meadow full of flowers.  You are young and free and run through the flowers, which all feel so fresh and vibrant.  Pegasus lands and kneels down so that you can hop aboard.  As you do so, something falls from you, something you have been carrying since you were a [...]

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