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Quado: Admire Yourself

Move into a deep appreciation of who you are and what you do.  Admire yourself.  Admire every gift of yours that graces the earth. Step outside and look at yourself.  See how wonderful you are!  See how you are overflowing with gifts, with talents.  See how you have amazing skills you have built up, ready [...]

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August 31, 2014: The Garden in which You Thrive

The spiral staircase is bathed in a blue healing light, gentle and osft.  You can hardly wait to be within it!  A beautiful young woman stands at the foot of the stiars.  She gives you a cup of love and truth to drink before you ascend. As you walk each step, you feel a surge [...]

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Relax into Clarity and Confidence (

Today Princess Feather-Light gives you a full body treatment.    She begins by relaxing your entire body, head to toe.  She pulls down the blueprint for your optimal body and pushes it into each molecule, signaling them to replicate in this direction. She moves her hand in a rainbow arc, activating her healing energies of different [...]

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You are a Diamond of Great Value (

There is something inside you, an old pattern, that is loosening up and is ready to let go and evolve.  And what you need to do to help this movement along is to relate to the world in new ways, to take the risk of interacting differently, to open up to new ways of acting [...]

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Passages (

Today we join Running Wolf in a ceremony to ease the passage of souls who have completed their life here on earth and are returning to pure spirit.  We dance and chant and heal ourselves as well. We open our hearts to the River of Love and allow it to keep our hearts open and [...]

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Shimmering Field of Calm (

Today Princess Feather-Light creates a shimmering field around you that amplifies the peace and clarity within, so that others may feel peace and safety simply by being in your presence.  As she creates this field, you move into a deep state of calm.  Your mind is completely still and you move deeply into the present [...]

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Every Choice You Make Defines You (

You are taken behind the waterfall, to a peaceful cave to contemplate your life and your choices and then to step through the waterfall and into a new life. You see yourself in the center of a circle. The perimeter of that circle is your life in five years.  You see how you think and [...]

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The Loving Parent Inside You (

Deep inside you, in a little capsule tucked just under your heart, is a deeply loving parent that you can turn to for comfort, security and safety.  When you are injured, this parent kisses your wounds and says, “There, there, everything will be all right.”   But this parent also loves and honors you as an [...]

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Quado: Tender is the Way

Tender is the way.   All of the power is yours, but tender is the way. Tender is the look and the caress.  Tender is the reply that flows from your lips even though others may be harsh.  Tender is the look of love that you send, even though anger may flash in another’s eyes. The [...]

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August 24, 2014: You are the One They Seek

There is a bright light coming from the spiral staircase, a purifying light and a gentle rain of love.  Two handmaidens await you at the foot of the stair, waiting to take from you your old, dusty clothing before you ascend. You peel off layer upon layer of clothing.  The handmaidens take the layers from [...]

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