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To Whom Will You Provide Service? (

Earlier, we had asked the question of Unicorn:  How can I thrive in this life and still be true to myself?  Unicorn answered:  “through service and relationships.”  Today’s Princess Feather-Light posed the question:  To whom am I here to provide service? You find yourself in a beautiful forest, where Spirit is tangibly present everywhere.  You [...]

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Unicorn Speaks of Faith (

Here’s a message I just received from Unicorn: “Life may be a mystery to your mind, but not to your heart.  Open your heart and all will be made clear.  End the struggle and embrace what you truly know, deep inside. “It is faith that shines the light and shows the way.  It is faith [...]

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Unicorn Answers an Important Question (

On January 25th, Unicorn came to me with the wonderful and important message below.  I am delighted to share that Unicorn subsequently announced that she will be joining all of us under the full moon on Tuesday, February 3rd.  Please go to to sign up for this wonderful FREE experience. I entered the Shaman [...]

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In the Violet Light (

Today you stand under a violet light.  The intense energy streams down upon you, benevolent and loving, lifting you to new levels of being.  This energy is focused upon enhancing your ability to navigate this life here on earth.  You are being lifted to the level in which you can influence your life as creator: [...]

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A Healing Treatment (

Princess Feather-Light asks you to lie down on a soft bed she has made for you, on a blanket in which she wove the symbols of your journey on Earth.  You move into a deep silence, like a vast hall, where the silence is so deep it echoes and any thought that would enter would [...]

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Knowing and Belief instead of Excitement and Expectation (

You find yourself in a soaring crystal cathedral, with light streaming down from the heavens.  You step into the center of a mandala made of inlaid crystal and feel the energy of the light from your Soul Spirit. You understand that the most powerful and positive feeling you can have about what lies before you [...]

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From Dream to Intention (

Today you turn a dream into a focused intention.  You find yourself in the faerie garden, a place of high magic, with butterflies and fairies flitting about in joy and freedom.  You open your heart wide with joy and love as you realize this is a place where dreams come true. You go to your [...]

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In the Healing Meadow (

You lie down in a beautiful meadow, surrounded by wildflowers.  The earth conforms to your body like a warm embrace.  You feel the crystals moving in the earth, powerful crystals moving to the right spot underneath you, to send you just the right healing energy. Princess Feather-Light appears and kneels before you.  She makes a [...]

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Unicorn Answers an Important Question

I entered the Shaman Cave and asked this question:  How can we each thrive in this life while also staying true to ourselves? Then I dove into the Pool of Truth and entered the Land of the Power Animals, seeking the answer. A beautiful white unicorn appeared, with long flowing mane and tail and dark, [...]

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January 25, 2015: Lifting Vibrations

Each step of the spiral staircase is made of crystal.  It lights up as you step upon it and send a vibration up into your body, up through your feet and legs, your torso and head, your mind.  Each step lifts your vibration and removes from you the lower energies of fear, self-doubt, guilt and [...]

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