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November 27, 2016: Belief

You step into a sparkling aqua light.  The message today is all about belief, the melting away of non-belief and the understanding that when you struggle to overcome doubt and move into belief, the belief itself holds that which it struggled against.  You then move into pure knowing. Click here to experience the Journey. It [...]

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November 20, 2016: Be a Hurricane Lamp for Your Light

You see the four elements around you, fire, water, earth and air.  It is the flame that calls you to walk up the spiral staircase.  You understand that you can learn to enclose yourself in energy, like a hurricane lamp, and use a laser projection to go out into the world.  That projection is still [...]

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Containing Your Energy and Shining No Matter What

First, fill yourself with your light, reaching up to your higher self and down into the center of the earth, knowing yourself as that place where heaven and earth meet.  You go deeply into your core of light, peace and love, all the way to where the joy bubbles up, the pure joy of being [...]

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November 13, 2016: True Power

You walk up the staircase drenched in power, the power not only to transform your own life, but to transform the world.  When you speak from ego-brain, you are full of tension, the tension of fear and doubt, the tension of right versus wrong, good versus bad.  When you speak from true power, you bring [...]

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Post-Election Message from Spirit

I am sharing an inspirational message from Spirit to help heal your heart after the US election.  I hope it helps you shine all the more brightly.  I hope it helps you see all the more clearly your mission to be a light for the world. This morning at 6 AM, I went into the Shaman [...]

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November 6, 2016: Your Rain Forest Essence

You find yourself in the rain forest, a naked animal with keen senses, being this.  You can speak to the snake that slithers on the bough.  You can hear the plants as they grow.  You are vibrantly alive and sensory and yet you also have a deep sense of who you are inside, your light, [...]

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