About Carrie Hart

In case you are not familiar with me and my work, I have included the story of my spiritual journey below.  As you will see, I have been sharing this journey for many years; I hope you will join me in walking through the doors I see opening now!


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CarrieJadeCrop350I am a Pathfinder and Modern Shaman. I am also a singer/songwriter, the author of A Call to Greatness, the Exciting, Joyous Journey Your Soul Wants You to Take, and the creator of the unique websites, PowerAnimalsUnleashed.com and Quado.com.

I have been privileged to bring the wisdom of Quado and the healing power of Running Wolf to thousands of people over the last 18 years.

Below you will find my point of view and my story, what it means to be a Modern Shaman and Pathfinder and the journey that led me here.

What Do I Mean by Spirit?

When I speak of Spirit, I mean the Universe, Great All, Oneness, Source, Creator and God, that benevolent loving force of which we are a vital part.

I also speak of Soul or Soul Spirit, by which I mean that unique energy that is you, the eternal presence from which you came, the essence that fills you whenever you are deeply connected to the moment and to which you will fully return when this life is complete.

What is a Shaman?

A shaman is someone who has the ability to enter an altered state of consciousness at will, in order to seek power for healing and good outcomes, both personal and for others. The shaman can move back and forth between the worlds of ordinary reality and non-ordinary reality and is focused on taurora-flipped-250he practical usage of spiritual power for the enhancement of existence here on earth. The shaman cares less about what will happen when we leave this life than about how to make it a glorious, powerful and fully-realized experience while we are here.

Shamanism is not a religion; it is a methodology for accessing Spirit and reaching deep truth. Like a mystic, the shaman depends upon first-hand experience, knowing that truly significant knowledge of the deepest and widest can only be obtained by journeying into Spirit.

I was initiated into shamanism when a woman asked me to conduct a spiritual healing session. I was about to answer that I didn’t do that, when Running Wolf showed up in my mind and told me that yes, we could and would do that for her. After some years as his apprentice, we became a shaman team.

In true shamanic tradition, when I lead any of our journeys into Spirit, I do not know what we will experience during the journey. I may have a vision or a flash of insight just before, but during the journey I am discovering along with you, simply speaking of what I am seeing, feeling and experiencing as we go along. And you, as fellow travelers, may well have your own experiences of the powerful energies called forth as we walk together.

As a Modern Shaman, I work with Power Animals, but I do not follow the tradition of a specific ethnic culture. I also embrace manifestations of Spirit that go beyond traditional shamanism, such as angels and my spirit guide, Quado, as well as Jesus, who often brings that deeply powerful and unique energy of compassion, forgiveness and unconditional love to my Pathfinder sessions.

What is a Pathfinder?

As a Pathfinder, I hold private sessions to help you find your way when it is difficult for you to access Spirit bluebells in scotlandclearly yourself. I work with your energy to help you regain your natural strength, power and confidence. I reach up into Spirit and receive the guidance that is surely there for you, both the practical solutions you need now and the way back to the golden path your soul has laid out for you.

It is my goal that our sessions together will empower you and strengthen your connection with Spirit at all times.
Click here to learn more about my Pathfinder Sessions.

About Me and My Spiritual Journey

I was raised in a non-religious family and for the majority of my life, had no particular interest in spiritual exploration.  Yet spirit came to me, unbidden.

One day  I found myself in a bookstore, walking down the Religion & Spirituality aisle I had always avoided.  My hand reached out to a book called You Are Psychic, by Pete Sanders.  I immediately sat down on the floor, right there in the aisle, and started reading.  Finally, I realized I needed to read this book, bought it, took it home and devoured it in one sitting.  And thus began my adventure into spirit, as I tried out the exercises and discovered a latent talent for intuitive hearing, the ability to ask a question and have the answer come in words inside my head.

I began to sit in the garden every morning, ask questions and get answers from what I called "my angels."  I then started getting messages for my girlfriends, and found that  they contained great advice with a new perspective I had never had.  And one day in 1995, while seeking advice for a friend in trouble, the answer came in a voice with more gravitas.  I asked who was speaking and got the answer:  “I am Quado.”  And now my spiritual journey began in earnest.

The Quado Messages

I began getting up at 4 AM every day to receive and post my daily conversations with Quado out on my website before going to work.  I would wrap a blanket around me, grab quado-bench-300Wmy journal and go sit on a stone bench surrounded by a white azalea (yes, that's it in the photo on the left).  I loved listening to the birds wake up the world just as the sky brightened.  And I continued to do this for years.

I am delighted to say that thousands of people in countries all over the world have read the Quado messages.  Other people received my messages, translated them into many languages and spread them further--including a book publisher in Romania.  I love knowing that these gentle and loving words have traveled all over  the earth.  I have also heard from many people that Quado has become a part of their lives, a quiet voice they can access directly, which also pleases me enormously.

At some point I moved from creating a Daily Quado message to a Weekly Quado message.  And then, for a number of years, I provided Quado messages only via the archives from many years of messages on my website, www.Quado.com.   And now, I am delighted to begin Weekly Quado messages again.  I'm certain they will hold the same loving energy and transformational guidance and will have that same uncanny way of being exactly what you need to hear at just the right moment.

Spiritual Healing and Running Wolf

I have Quado readers who have been traveling on this path with me for these many years and I am grateful for their company and loving support.  In 2001,wolf-250W one of the Quado readers wrote and asked me to do a spiritual healing.  I was about to say that I did not do this, when a powerful Native American shaman named Running Wolf appeared in my mind and began to heal her.  I then found I was able to access Quado at the same time, enabling me to share a transcript of the healing session with her.

I might mention that I had no knowledge of shamans before one appeared in my mind, just as I had never heard of channeling before I started doing it.  What an adventure it has been!

"Thank you, Carrie! How can I adequately put into words what your healing work has done for me? Working with you and Quado and Running Wolf has enabled me to take great strides on my path of self realization and growth. You spoke to my soul with a truth I have never experienced before."  Denise

Since that time, I have performed hundreds of spiritual healings, first as an apprentice to Running Wolf, and then as a full shaman.  The healing sessions began with the shaman techniques of power animal retrievals and soul retrievals and then expanded to include other healing modalities, such as past life regressions and whatever else spirit brought to us at the time.

“A lot of lovely and synchronized things have happened since our session. Many thanks!” Cristina

More recently another shaman, Great Eagle, came to me and we offered our services through remote sessions.  Great Eagle’s energy was very focused around healing the earth, and he wished to assist in awakening people to their potential to do so.

When I first created this site, I did so in a state of allowing, knowing that Spirit would direct me.  And so it is!  After just one week of doing what I had originally planned, Running Wolf, came forward and let me know in no uncertain terms that he was taking the members on a shamanic journey every week.

And this we have been doing, every Sunday morning.  We receive shaman power, which is the power to heal and be healed, as well as the power for good outcomes.  We receive beautiful, uplifting energies  as well as spiritual teachings and practical guidance for living a fulfilling and joyful life now.

 “The session was much more than I expected. You are very gifted, my friend!” Marita

Buddha, Jesus and Reiki

In June, 2002, I went to England to complete my studies in Reiki, which is an energy healing modality.  I knelt on the grass in the center of Stonehenge, one of twenty, kneeling in a circle within the stone circle, there to receive my initiation as a Reiki Master.  I closed my eyes, and the ceremony began.

stonehenge-light350I saw a golden ball floating in the air above us, in the very center of the circle.  Within it was a young and beautiful Buddha, sitting in the lotus position, one hand raised in blessing, glowing golden and showering his radiant energy down upon us all.  (I have since learned that this position is the Amoghasiddhi Buddha, symbolizing freedom from fear.)

I then saw Jesus moving among us, in a robe of blue and white, weaving through the kneeling initiates, touching us and blessing us, one by one.  When he touched me, I felt the most pure and intense love I have ever experienced.

The peace and love I felt in that moment has never completely left me.  For years after, I sensed Jesus standing beside me, his right hand on my left shoulder.

I found this first experience with Jesus to be very surprising.  Since I was not raised in a religious household, I had never formed a Christian connection with Jesus.  As with the other aspects of my spiritual journey, I had not gone seeking, but had in fact been found.  A Hindu friend subsequently told me that this experience of grace, of receiving unconditional love through the touch of a master, would be called Shaktipat in that religious view.

Call-to-Greatness-CreatespaceWhen I went to Maui for my attunement as a Karuna Reiki Master, I experienced a series of encounters with Jesus.  My description of these visions are in the Maui Papers, included in my book, A Call to Greatness, the Exciting, Joyous Journey Your Soul Wants You to Take, along with a more in-depth exploration of my entire journey.

I still work with Jesus, both through my private Pathfinder Sessions and on our Spirit Walks.  I often come to a place in the journey where we feel and see his presence, always at a wide opening of the heart to forgiveness and compassion.  Angels may also join us.  Evangaline is one angel who often appears to help clear away the debris of the past and the fear of the future.  Maria is another who helps us accept transforming energies.  There is so much help for us, so many who love us deeply.

“I feel very blessed by our session! It shifted events this week in a miraculous way!” Tanya

Meditation Cycle

For an 18-month cycle, I got up every morning at 5:30 AM to greet the dawn and lead a meditation with those who cared to join.  These were not pre-planned meditations, but rather were an opening to spirit, where I simply allowed spirit to lead as I spoke of what I saw, felt and heard.   Since these meditations normally began with meeting Spirit out on an open meadow, I began referring to them as "A Walk in the meadow-wildflowers300Meadow with Spirit."  I now call them simply Spirit Walks.

On our Spirit Walks, we had energy sessions, where the angel Maria helped us lift and expand into higher frequencies, so that we might better experience life as a walking soul.  We had healing or cleansing sessions with the angel Evangaline, releasing us of past regrets and future fears.  We did chakra clearings and focused on building the blueprint for physical health.  We received spiritual lessons, opening to new insights.  We ventured into the galaxy of universal consciousness and sent out a magnetic signal to attract the opportunities and possibilities in support of our soul's intention for this lifetime.  And always, always, we felt the love enveloping us and knew ourselves as one with our own soul spirit in a great expanding awareness.

I have taken the recordings of a particularly powerful set of Spirit Walks, called the Hero's Walk meditations, set them to music and am offering them to you when you join i-am-this.com.  These 8 hours of vivid vizualizations and immersion in Spirit are truly transformational.

"I'm not sure when I will NOT be amazed at what comes up with the meditations. I can't tell you enough how thankful I am. I just want to shout it out loud: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!" Nancy

I am again sharing a daily 5:30AM Meditation with for i-am-this members.  I call them Empowerments.  They are a combination of meditation, visualization, healing energy work and spiritual guidance, whatever Spirit wishes to send our way.  On Monday through Saturday, they are normally led by Princess Feather-Light, just the perfect way to start each day.  Every Sunday, Running Wolf takes us on a Shamanic Journey.

"Your meditations really show me who I am and can be with more motivation and confidence than I ever thought possible." Wendy


iamthis-flareonly-250And now, this membership site is my newest adventure, the place where I plan to focus, expand and evolve.  It is my hope that we will become a mutually supportive circle of friends, that we will link hands and step out bravely into the life that awaits us.

I hope you will join me in unfolding to the deep discovery of your own self, the shining light of your soul self, which is your source and your support.   Together we will find your pathway to a vibrant, loving and joyful life, one in which you shine out as brightly as you can with all of the wonder that you are, becoming the fullest possible expression of your soul's intention for your life.

For after all, that is why we're here, isn't it?