April 2, 2017: Self-Healing and Synergy


You stand on them mountaintop, alone.  You see yourself as this strong center core, the eternal core from Soul Self.  And around that you have the talents you were given for this life.  And around that, the skills, knowledge and experience you have built up during this life.

You are standing here alone in this strength, in your truth, your youness.  But across the way, Running Wolf stands in a circle of people.  You know that when you enter that circle of people and begin to engage with them, things will shift.  You may get injured.  You may also find joy. 

You are like an avocado.  You have a center core of truth, the creative eternal you.  And you have this soft pulp, the emotional child, that gets so easily bruised.  You have a skin, a skin you may try to make thick, but sometimes it gets punctured and your emotional self is deeply injured.

The answer, though, is not to withdraw from others.  Nor is it to thicken your skin or try to control others.  The answer is to learn how to quickly heal.  For you are not an avocado, and although you will always have a tender emotional self, you can learn to heal it quickly. 

Come to your center.  Remember who you are and your wonder, beauty and creativity.  Radiate out your healing energy.  Then go right back out there and engage again.  Over and over.  Keep searching for those who will create synergy with you, bringing to life even more beauty and wonder than any of you could create alone.

No one can injure your core self.  Focus on them and what they did does not heal.  Thickening your skin or withdrawing from life does not heal.  Choose to heal from your center and engage with life.  Choose this.

Click here to experience the Journey. It is 40 minutes long.

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