April 9, 2017: Life Force and Spiritual Expansion


This session was preceded by a discussion (not in the recording) among i-am-this members about the concepts in a book I just read and highly recommend:  The Outward Mindset: Seeing Beyond Ourselves by the Arbinger Institute.  Running Wolf carried the concepts into a more spiritual space in the session.

You are in a rain forest, where vines climb up the staircase and the life force is tangible.  You are invited to combine the driving life force of this lifetime with the eternal spiritual force of life and love that is within you, to dissolve your resistance to others and join with them to create an expansive and powerful experience of life.  Let each experience be a launching pad into even more expansiveness and creativity.  And let this lifetime be a launching pad into the next expansive experience of your soul.

Click here to experience the Journey. It is 30 minutes long.

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