Become a Free-Flying Butterfly! (


Today you experience yourself as a chrysalis, about to emerge as a butterfly.  But before you emerge, you must leave behind some of the ideas that you had when you were a caterpillar crawling on the ground.  One of the primary ideas you must abandon in order to leave off crawling and begin to fly, is the idea that it is better to be appropriate and well-behaved than to be wild and free and expressive.

The world has changed and you have changed.  You were trained to behave; good behavior was very well rewarded at one stage of your life.  But if you look carefully, you will see that this old caterpillar way of behaving is not the true you; it is simply the way you were taught to be and a set of beliefs you took on.  If you look carefully and truly, you will see that what is keeping you back from open, free and authentic self-expression is simply fear, a fear of leaving the familiar ground and all that you are used to and flying on the wind, going wherever that breeze takes you.

Now you crawl out of your chrysalis, leaving behind that casing of old ideas, including the idea that good behavior is better than freedom.  You dry your wings in the sun.  Ah, here comes the breeze now, a flow of becomingness sent by the universe to pick you up and carry you out into the world.  And now you fly!

This describes today’s Empowerments on Each empowerment is a beautiful combination of meditation, visualization and gentle, loving, energetic healing.

Come join us on now!

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