Behind the Waterfall (


You are at the River of Love and you climb the rocks to the cave behind the waterfall.  You lie on the cool stone and feel the light spray of love flowing over you.  The sound of the waterfall is soothing and you relax completely.

You go deep, deep, into the Oneness.  You dissolve into the tiniest particles of light, you and the spray, the waterfall, the cave, the River of Love, the trees on the banks of the river, the mountain that holds the cave.  All dissolved into particles of light, floating, moving.

You become aware that you are aware.  You notice your conscious awareness and how it exists even when the physical is no longer formed; still your consciousness exists.  You see something.  It is not quite form or substance, but it is not just undifferentiated particles.  It is your emotional life.  Your consciousness is not emotional; it is objective.  This emotion belongs to the realm of the physical and you see it almost as a cloud.  You see that it has great power to affect the physical as the particles of light are turned into form.  You see how different kinds of emotion shape the particles of light differently.

You infuse this emotional cloud with joy and love.   And as you begin to re-form your physical world, you keep it in this state of joyful appreciation for all that is, including love for yourself, your body and mind.  As this is happening, you begin to see how many choices you have.  You begin to see that if you were to do this every day, if you were to take your life down to the particles of light and be pure consciousness and then re-form the particles in a pure emotion of joy and love, you can see how you might make a little change here and a little change there in the new world created and how you would begin to create a new life.

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