Celebrate the Dawn! (i-am-this.com)


You go deeply into the moment, mind silent, body calm, as the moment expands and expands, like concentric circles of color going out and up.  You take a deep breath and now you are a bird, greeting the dawn, breathing in the oxygen from a beautiful tree as you sing a song of celebration.

You celebrate the dawning day.  You celebrate life.  You celebrate the tree, the other birds and yourself.  You breathe in joy and then take off on the wings of freedom.  This is your song of the dawning day.  This is your celebration for the gift of life, pouring through your body, opening your heart with love and lifting your wings with joy.

Another day!  How perfect.

This describes today’s Empowerments on i-am-this.com. Each empowerment is a beautiful combination of meditation, visualization and gentle, loving, energetic healing.

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