Deep Healing Treatment (


You lie on a soft bed covered with a blanket Princess Feather-Light made with her own hands, woven with the symbols of your journey on earth.  She relaxes you completely, running her hand down a few inches above your body, head to toe.  She then moves to your feet and massages the pressure points to balance and adjust your body, including internal organs.

She aligns your energies and your skeletal structure.  She balances your male and female energies, infusing your left side with Lion energy and your right side with Lioness.  You feel the difference and the complementary powers, how the nurturing, providing, community energy of Lioness complements the courageous, confident, protective energy of Lion.  You feel how complete you are by having a wonderful balance of both.

Princess Feather-Light calls your Soul Spirit Star to shine directly over you, infusing you with the energy of who you are.  She presses a blueprint of your optimal body into your energy body, informing each cell of how it is to replicate.

Princess Feather-Light moves to your head and brings your mind into a completely quiet state, so that all you can see is a tranquil lake with a single bird flying overhead, and all you can hear is silence.  Waves of silence move down from your head and flow down your body.  As each wave reaches your knees, another begins. 

Now Princess Feather-Light opens the flow of the River of Love, first to heal your heart and then to join in the waves flowing down your body, waves of silence and love, healing and nurturing you.

You feel completely rested, as if you have had a deep, peaceful eight hours of sleep.

This is a description of today’s empowerment on, where we believe that daily meditation is central to a productive, healthy and fulfilling life—and where we bring members a live empowerment with Princess Feather-Light, Running Wolf and the Power Animals every day!

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