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The Pearl of Prosperity bounces down the steps and into your open palm.  It expands into white luminescent light.

You are aware of a parallel life, one also spun out by your Soul Spirit Star.  And in this life you are both prosperous and fulfilled.  You awaken in the morning, after a deeply restful sleep, with a light joyful anticipation for the day ahead.  The activities that lie ahead feel like what you are here to do.  Perhaps it is gardening, perhaps going into a deep meditation, perhaps creating something, perhaps performing a service.  Whatever it is, you feel a light anticipation and know it to be a full expression of you and who you are.  You feel fearless and creative, full of energy and zest.  You have within you all of the energy that you require to do your work, whatever it is.

And now, you go deep, deep into the moment, bringing that life and its feeling of anticipation and fulfillment with you.  You go deep and deeper, so deep that you are molecules, then atoms, then subatomic particles, then the tiniest pulses of light, love and energy, floating and intermingling with all else that is, including bits and pieces of the stars of opportunity and possibility.  You move down, down into the sea of possibility where there is no form.

And after a time, you introduce an idea, an idea which is this beautiful parallel life of prosperity, fulfillment, loving relationships, vibrant energy and fearless creativity.  You introduce that idea and form it around you.  You are this.  You are all of this.

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