In the Violet Light (


Today you stand under a violet light.  The intense energy streams down upon you, benevolent and loving, lifting you to new levels of being.  This energy is focused upon enhancing your ability to navigate this life here on earth.  You are being lifted to the level in which you can influence your life as creator: being the playwright as well as the actor, the choreographer as well as the dancer.

You are lifted into the Oneness, but just before you enter fully, you have the opportunity to pause and hold a thought, a picture, of what you wish to create.  Then you dissolve into the Oneness, your particles of light reaching out into the flow, one with all that is.  You watch the waves of being and becoming flow through and you see that some of the particles that used to be you are swept away.

You feel that this is an opportunity for a life shift, a small shift now that becomes enormous with time, a life-altering shift, and you choose to allow it.

Finally, you re-introduce the thought of yourself and pull your particles of light back into form.  You feel that you have picked up new possibilities and opportunities that are now a part of you.  You feel that part of you is now flowing freely in the universe, staying within the oneness.  You return to form, full of beauty and power, being you, but still one with all that is.

This describes today’s Empowerments on Each live empowerment is a beautiful combination of meditation, visualization and gentle, loving, energetic healing.

Come join us on now!

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