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Today you go deep, deep into the Oneness. You are a drop of water falling into a pool. You are the concentric circles reaching out endlessly across the pool. You are the pool itself. You go so deeply into the moment that everything else disappears and your vibration lifts higher and higher.

You blend into the Oneness, dissolving into particles of light. You reach out and out, mixing with the light of the stars and the spinning planets, which also dissolve and blend with you. You are aware of yourself only as Soul, watching the particles of light as they move.

And after a time, an idea forms, and that idea is you, you as your Soul made manifest on earth. You are deeply aware of yourself as truth and love, here for this time to be full of love and beauty, power and wonder. You form yourself and move into a state of full expression of your power, living from your heart, shining with all that you are. Even as you become physical form, you keep this higher Soul connection. Your heart full of love has the power and you live from there.

This is a description of today’s empowerment on, where we believe that daily meditation is central to a productive, healthy and fulfilling life—and where we bring members a live empowerment with Princess Feather-Light or Running Wolf every day!

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