Jesus and a Circle of Angels (


Princess Feather-Light leads you out into the courtyard where you see that Jesus is awaiting you.  He holds out his hands and the moment you put your hands in his, everything else disappears.  You stand within a flood of love that calls you to higher states of awareness and consciousness.  You feel that you are being asked to move past personal issues and lift yourself into this higher level.  After a time, you become aware that there is a circle of angels surrounding you.

Now Jesus recedes into the light and you find yourself back in the courtyard, standing within the circle of angels.  They are here to help you in your ordinary life, to give guidance and support and help you find answers.  They invite you to live in a place between ordinary life and Spirit, a place where there is no fear or doubt, where your faith and belief keep you suspended as if on air.  In this place, you are on the edge of Oneness and the angels go in and out of Oneness as they work with you.

You are invited to make a request, to ask for help from the angels in one area of your life.  You ask and then you give thanks.

This describes today’s Empowerments on Each empowerment is a beautiful combination of meditation, visualization and gentle, loving, energetic healing.

Come join us on now!

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