Jesus and the Doves of Peace (

You are on a beautiful meadow, full of wildflowers.  Jesus is here to be with you.  He pulls you into an embrace and you feel as if you are being embraced by the world.  Love fills you and the beauty of the earth opens to you;  you see snow-capped mountains, deserts, forests, rivers and waterfalls, oceans and jungles and all of the beautiful and amazing animals that dwell in these places.

Jesus has come to clear your heart, mind and emotions, to turn them toward pure love, love of yourself in all ways, love of the earth, love of others, love of life itself.  You feel yourself releasing everything that is not love.

And now, pure white doves of peace fly out from your heart and into the world, flying over all those who toil, who struggle, who sleep.  They are flying out from your heart of pure love, spreading peace and awareness, a conscious awareness of love.  They fly across the world and into the hearts and minds of all people inhabiting the earth.

And as you return your attention to yourself, you are aware of how deeply you are appreciated and recognized, how important your presence is as a part of the lifting of awareness, a vital piece of the opening of hearts.  You are vitally important and your open heart of love awakens many you will never meet.  Be aware now that you are an important part of the lifting and awakening that is underway.

This describes today’s Empowerments on Each live empowerment is a beautiful combination of meditation, visualization and gentle, loving, energetic healing.

Come join us on now!

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