June 4, 2017: Walking the Center Path


You see an opening vista.  Then you see a pathway straight ahead which is a gentle upward slope, an expanding and lifting light and which leads to a life of joy and wonder.  You understand that this choice is yours, no matter where you are right now.

Now you see another path to the left that feels deeply familiar.  It stays level and moves forward into the same things, over and over.  The same obstacles, the same problems.  On this path, you are like Sisyphus, pushing that rock up the hill, only to see it roll back down.  On this path, you try to change things, you try to overcome obstacles, but that rock always rolls back down.

There is another path to the right, which is the path of your inner darkness, where you are not even trying to grow and overcome.

So the question is, how do we leave the paths on the two sides and walk the center path, the path of not trying, but actually doing, consciously moving forward, taking meaningful steps to lift your life into more joy, more love and connection? 

This is the path of newness and insights, of opening doors.  The path on the left, of old habits that you try to overcome, gives you clues about the doors you may open on the center path.  Bring forth one of those challenges and open yourself to new approaches, to new lights and insights.  For this center path is one of newness and change, of reassessment, of self-discovery and deep awareness.

It is also the path of your success and greatness, on your own terms, without reference to anything outside.  Joy, love, light, enlightenment and awareness drive you forward on this path of newness and experimentation.  And it is there for you, now.

Click here to experience the Journey. It is 22 minutes long.

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