Living Your Symphony


Below is a summary of the live Empowerment that took place this morning for i-am-this members on

Today you step into a field of wildflowers—and they are all singing!  The daisies carry the melody and long stalks of lavender harmonize.  A stream nearby swells underneath like violins and the earth provides a deep hum.  Then angels appear and they are singing, of course!

You see your life as a symphony, a symphony that has a melodic theme and variations, places where you build tension and anticipation and places where it resolves.  You recall the movement where your heart was broken and you understand how that opened you up and built the emotional depth that you can now express.

The movement that you write now in your symphony, will it be the one that soars and lifts and brings home the theme you have been moving toward?  Brave and true, strong and soaring, sing out with your life, grateful for all the variations that came before and prepared you for the richness and complexity you now bring forth in joyous celebration of life as you clearly express your theme so that everyone can hear.

Above is a description of today’s live Empowerment on Join Carrie Hart and the i-am-this members to deepen your connection with Spirit and create a life of abundance in all ways: loving relationships, vibrant health, fulfilling work and financial prosperity.

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