May 7, 2017: Energy Snowfall


You stand in an energy snowfall, particles of pure white energy that clear and cleanse.  You expand your own particles of true golden essence and expose the gray smoke of thought and emotion that exists between, the stories and response patterns, the false rules.  The purifying snowfall clears away that smoke to burnish the golden essence that is you.

Smoke is pouring from an open book, the Akashic record of your lifetimes and all of the thought and emotion of those experiences.  The white snowfall purifies and cleanses.  And you can consciously continue this process, bringing into your awareness a true differentiation between your golden true essence and the smoke.

As you become clearer and clearer, you see that the way to deal with others who are unconscious of their truth is to bring forth truth in word and action, courageously presenting it in ways that are loving and compassionate, ways that recognize their unconsciousness.

You may continue this cleansing process at any time.  The smoke robs you of your power.  When the smoke is cleared and you compress back into pure golden truth, you are infinitely powerful and your path glows before you, bright and clear.

Click here to experience the Journey. It is 24 minutes long.

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