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You have the power to create a vibrant, fulfilling life, full of sparkling health and beauty, endless prosperity, loving relationships and deep inner peace, to awaken each morning full of joyful anticipation for the day ahead and gratitude for being alive one more glorious day.


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  • Empowerment message with Princess Feather-Light full of energy and love
  • Shamanic Journey with Running Wolf to lift you into greater power
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It all begins with regular, consistent connection to Spirit, exactly what I provide right here on, with live Empowerments twice a week and a live Shamanic Journey each Sunday—and access to all recorded archives.

“What an amazing impact Princess Feather Light and Running Wolf have had on me.  It's only been two days and I'm already transforming!  New hair cut, bright eyes, soaring heart ... wow, this is definitely the right path for me.  Thank you Carrie, you have a fabulous gift.” Terri T, new member

Below is more detail about the membership offerings, as well as the responses of those who have already experienced how Spirit comes to me in loving and expansive ways.

“Thank you, Carrie!  How can I adequately put into words what your healing work has done for me?  Working with you and Quado and Running Wolf has enabled me to take great strides on my path of self-realization and growth.  You spoke to my soul with a truth I have never experienced before.”  Denise T.

Benefits of Membership

As a member of, you will have access to the following:

  • Live Empowerments with Princess Feather-Light

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 5:30 AM Pacific/8:30 AM Eastern, you may join us live in the shaman cave to meet Princess Feather-Light, feather-sky350who works with healing energies to enhance and align your energy flow and, of course, connects you deeply with Spirit for guidance in your ordinary life.  You begin your day refreshed and revived, full of love and peace, confident, courageous and ready to take on the world.

Each Empowerment is available both live and recorded to be listened to when it is convenient for you.  It lasts about 20-30 minutes.  Join in as often as you can.

If you are able to join live, you will have the opportunity to chat with me and with other members for fifteen minutes before we begin the day's Empowerment.  We have spontaneously built a little community of friends for loving support, where we say good morning and share a bit about yesterday and plans for today.  We send each other healing and love and have truly become best friends; we would love to have you join us.

And remember, this is coming to me live.  I speak of what comes as it comes, without any planning, thinking or preparation on my part.  My job is to get out of the way!  What this means is that you have access to what Spirit wishes to convey on that day. 

You also have access to the archives of previous Empowerments, an amazing collection of recordings to use any time you wish.

“It was such a wonderful journey this morning and it felt so deep, such an opening and awakening and partnering with my body.   I felt different emotions in my body - one is that my body has hope, hope that I will listen to the messages she sends me, that we will be a team - isn't that a beautiful image??"  Debbie C.

  • A live, weekly Shamanic Journey into Spirit (a conference call, recorded for download)

Every Sunday at 8 AM Pacific/11 AM Eastern, Running Wolf takes us on a weekly shamanic journey into Spirit. All members are a part of the energetic experience. You may join the call live or listen to the recording later. Either way, your life will be transformed, lifted and expanded.warrior-woman-grand-canyon350

During the week before the call, I see Running Wolf in a particular place, often with a specific Power Animal. And then, on Sunday morning, he takes us there. We receive shaman power, which is the power to heal and be healed, as well as the power for good outcomes. We receive beautiful, uplifting energies as well as spiritual teachings and practical guidance for living a fulfilling, joyful and powerful life now.

Each journey lasts about 30 - 45 minutes. When you join, you will instantly have access to the past journeys. If you have the time and the inclination to listen to the past recordings, you are most welcome to do so--it's a beautiful experience! But if not, know that you will receive the life-transforming energies nonetheless. Each journey forward will catch you up on what has come before.

“ WOW! This was a magnificent journey with Running Wolf and I truly followed him every step of the way:) I was wondering what was happening that I was feeling a sense of powerfulness and standing in my truth!!! Now I Understand!!!!! Thank YOU so very much for sharing your true gifts with ALL:))" John S.

  •  A return of the written Weekly Quado Message - Yes, he’s back!

You can see here the bench in my garden, surrounded by white azaela.  I was sitting on this bench when I first received a message from Quado, back in 1994.  For years, I greeted the dawn each day rigquado-bench-300Wht here, receiving loving and joyous messages from Quado which I then shared on the internet with thousands of faithful readers.

Quado is still part of my life and I am now receiving a Weekly Quado message for the members of i-am-this.   Each message reinforces and expands upon the experiences of the week's live journey with Running Wolf.

There are Quado messages waiting for you right now, when you join

"Quado's message is beautiful,  hope-filled, exciting, profound and the list could go on and on!  I am  deeply grateful."  Beverly B.

  • Walk the Hero's Path (Over 8 Hours of Dazzling Energy and Deep Spiritual Teachings)

You will have immediate access to a most amazing series of Spirit Walks, now set to inspirational music.heros-path350

In a sequence perfectly orchestrated by Spirit:

  • You are bathed in Blue energy for physical healing
  • You are scrubbed clean by Crystalline bubbles, to clear your emotional injuries
  • Rose energy heals and opens your heart
  • Smoky energy cleanses your mind of old ways of thinking and being.
  • You combine all of these to become a Warrior for Light and Love, cleansed and pure and able to deal with the world from a place of truth.
  • You receive Green energy to help you expand your talents and skills and use them for success here in this life.
  • You Walk the Hero’s Path using all the colors to open a life of fulfillment
  • And lastly, you will receive a rivulet of Violet energy to help you reach up and touch the hem of God.

This amazing collection, over 8 hours of dazzling energy and deep spiritual guidance I received through direct access to Spirit, is waiting for you when you choose to join

“I’m not sure when I will NOT be amazed at what comes up with the meditations.  I can’t tell you enough how thankful I am.  I just want to shout it out loud:  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!”  Nancy S. 

Are You Ready Now?

Are you ready now to make the commitment to open your life to inner joy, peace and power, to know a constant, deep resonance with Spirit and to be a part of a loving and supportive spiritual community? Then sign up below!

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“You deeply touched and sparked something inside of me.  You helped me feel my authentic self inside my heart.”  Carmen

Over and over, Spirit says to me:  “Now is the time.”

For me, it was time to build this membership site and invite you to share the power of direct access to Spirit.

For you, it is time to make the commitment to having Spirit central in your life, by joining

Love, Peace & Joy,