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Below is a summary of the live Empowerment that took place this morning for i-am-this members on

The day dawns in beauty and you realize that you have an opportunity to project how it will unfold to you.  First, you clear the lens.  You open your projector and allow all the dust from yesterday, your emotions, your regrets and worries, to just blow away.

You realize, too, that you can use this same wind to blow away lower energies all day long.  After that low-energy meeting, you step outside and let the wind blow it all away.  You recognize that how you feel is a choice you make, over and over, all day long.

And now, you choose how you wish to feel by moving into gratitude, simply gratitude for being alive, for taking one more breath of the fresh wind you have called forth.  Gratitude opens the gate to the field of love, joy and beauty.  Breathe.  Walk through the gate and up the stairs.  Let joy inhabit you.  Bring a flower forth in your mind’s eye.  Breathe and be joy.

And while you are in the field of beauty and wonder, joy and love, project a picture of how you would like your day to unfold.  See and feel something wonderful that might happen, today or in the coming days.  Offer it to Spirit as a possibility for unfolding.

And then, just be.  Be this.  How fortunate you are to be alive!

Above is a description of today’s live Empowerment on Join Carrie Hart and the i-am-this members to deepen your connection with Spirit and create a life of abundance in all ways: loving relationships, vibrant health, fulfilling work and financial prosperity.

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