September 18, 2016: Life Force


There is a beautiful energy coming up through crystals under your feet.  As you walk up the stairs, the color and feel of the energy shifts with each step and all of it is beautiful and life-affirming.  It is, in fact, the life force, flowing up from the earth and through you and you align deeply to it.

At the top of the stairs, you are met by Running Wolf who then directs you to lift up and expand, so that you are now the heavens as well as the earth, the sky, the clouds, the sun and the rain.  And you complete the full cycle, from the nurturing earth to the gift-giving heavens.

You then expand further and further, encompassing the entire universe.  You move into a limitlessness, aware that there is knowledge that exceeds the ability of language and rational thought to express it.  But it can be known.  And you expand and open yourself to this knowing. 

You will learn, more and more, to act from this knowing and a beautiful life stretches out before you.

Click here to experience the Journey.   It is 33 minutes long.

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