September 25, 2016: Aqua Energy Healing


The staircase is full of highly charged aqua energy.  You are reminded that your body is made of water.  You are essentially water and energy with a little bit of matter.

As you walk up the stairs, your energy pathways are opened and your water pathways are cleansed and purified.  Your internal organs have the sluggishness and buildup removed.  Everything is flowing, clear, clean and open.

You are advised that after this healing session, there are things you can do that will speed the absorption of these changes from the energy body into the physical body.  Drink pure water to cleanse.  Move your limbs, perhaps by dancing, to get your electrical charge moving.  Listen to music that helps bring your mind into joy and laughter, which then helps your hormone balance.

Your body knows how to heal itself.  When the water is pure, the electrical charge is flowing and the chemical balance is restored, your body knows how to take care of the rest.

Click here to experience the Journey.  It is 24 minutes long.

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