Go Within and Expand Outward (i-am-this.com)

Today is a day of inner healing and expansion. First Princess Feather-Light works on your mind, removing the strands of old thought forms, then calming and quieting your mind and forming new patterns of thinking and being. We move then to the heart and invite the River of Love to flow through, leaving your heart [...]

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June 8, 2014: Oneness

The spiral staircase is covered in vines.  When you step upon it, you are transported to the rainforest.   You experience the oneness of being the earth, the tree, the branch, the bird upon the branch, the air and the sun.  You understand true oneness and that you are an idea, as the tree is an [...]

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Quado: The Drive to Live

The rose does not wish to be a lily, nor the lily an orchid.  Each is pleased to be as it is, just as it is.  There is no judgment of better or worse.  There is no yearning.  There is only the drive toward life, which comes from the roots, up the green stem, all [...]

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June 1, 2014: Honor Yourself and Your Life

Today you walk up the spiral staircase in a pouring rain, a cleansing and purifying rain, which washes from you all guilt for the actions of humankind through the ages.  You then burn away the residue of other lives, those we call past lives, the fire and water existing at the same time, burning and [...]

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Quado: Let Love Flow

Allow love to flow. Allow yourself to be full of love for yourself and others. It is the natural way for love to be present and to be in motion. It is natural and easy, the path of least resistance, to go where love leads. Allow anger and frustration to resolve into love. Relax your [...]

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May 25, 2014: Building Your Cohesive Core of Talent

The spiral staircase is full of scattered light, like laser beams going many different directions. As you climb upward, they begin to focus into a circle with a strong beam in the center. These are all areas of your life in which you have natural talent and skill. And in the very center is something [...]

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May 18, 2014: Deepening Your Connection

A trickle of water is running down the spiral staircase.  As you ascend, you cup your hands to gather the waters of love and wash yourself clean, clearing and calming your mind, refreshing, relaxing and restoring your body. You move into that place of resonance with Spirit, the place of genius and creativity, the place [...]

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Quado: Over the Garden Wall

You have only begun to realize what there is within you, the power, the wonder, the amazing ability to be and expand.  You have only begun to realize what you might unleash in your life by letting go and letting in. Move into faith now.  Move into belief, both in yourself and in the power [...]

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May 11, 2014: Streams of Colored Energy

Today as you ascend the spiral staircase, you see streams of colored energy flowing down toward you.  As you step up, first the earth energy fills you, up through your legs filling your body into your solar plexus, the fire colored energy grounding you into the earth experience. The lion moves into you, with his [...]

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Quado: Truth like Water

The truth is like a cool, deep well of water. When you dip your cup into this pool and offer it to another to drink, it resonates deeply within their heart, for at the deepest and widest, they recognize this taste, and they remember that they too have drunk from this well. There is a [...]

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