Take a Ride on a Dolphin (i-am-this.com)

Today you take a ride on a dolphin, swimming deep and then turning and racing up to the surface, where you leap into the air in a beautiful arc. The dolphin is strong and muscular; even her joy feels muscular, a joy in being alive that cannot be stopped.

And now there is a group of dolphins, swimming together, chattering, then intuitively knowing the exact moment that they all turn and begin their leap. And you are riding through all of this, feeling the joy in just being alive, knowing the absolute freedom of the leap, enjoying the communication and community of the whole group.

Now your dolphin swims up and emerges in the pool of water in the shaman cave. Running Wolf comes to the edge of the pool and performs a ceremony that transfers these beautiful dolphin characteristics of joy, intuitive communication and communal love to you, to be within you, to be called forth when you need them. You bid your dolphin adieu and give thanks.

This describes today’s Empowerments on i-am-this.com. Each empowerment is a beautiful combination of meditation, visualization and gentle, loving, energetic healing.

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