The Key, Blue Light and Angels


Princess Feather-Light passes her hand over your forehead and brings your mind into stillness.  She then hands you a key and guides you to a door.  You put the key in the lock and open the door.

An intense light floods out through the door.  It is a light blue color and feels benevolent, but very, very strong.  It goes right through you, cleansing and purifying and removing all doubt and fear.  You feel it resonating in your body, increasing your frequency and bringing you into certainty.

As the blue light subsides, you become aware of a circle of angels.  These are very practical angels and they are here to guide you in your life, providing you with answers and solutions that will allow you to handle to ordinary activities of life while lifting yourself into higher levels of consciousness.  You are invited to hold your hands out, palms up, in a gesture of receiving, and build a team of angels to assist you with the challenges that life presents.

Say yes and give thanks.

This describes today’s Empowerments on Each empowerment is a beautiful combination of meditation, visualization and gentle, loving, energetic healing.

Come join us on now!

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