To Whom Will You Provide Service? (

faerie forest

Earlier, we had asked the question of Unicorn:  How can I thrive in this life and still be true to myself?  Unicorn answered:  "through service and relationships."  Today’s Princess Feather-Light posed the question:  To whom am I here to provide service?

You find yourself in a beautiful forest, where Spirit is tangibly present everywhere.  You feel yourself resonating with Spirit simply by being here.  A glowing Unicorn appears and leads you to a clearing.  In that clearing is a table set for two.  You sit down and wait.

Now someone approaches.  This person represents who you are here to serve.  You greet the person and both sit down.  You ask, “What is your struggle?” and you listen carefully and compassionately.  You ask how you can help, why they have come to you, what they need and want from you.  You ask if there is anything else they wish you to know.

You open your heart and realize that you have within you everything that this person needs from you.  By definition, they would not have come to this clearing to speak to you, if you were not able to give them exactly what they need.  You fill your heart with confidence and a deep understanding.

Now you also feel what it is that you will be receiving.  If this is a business, then some of this will be monetary.  But in addition to any monetary exchange, there is more that you will receive, that makes it feel even, balanced and reciprocal.  For everything you will be giving, you will also receive in equal portions, and it is important to understand what this will be.

You stand to say your farewells and give this person a big, very long, hug.  You open your heart completely and feel the energy pouring between you, what you are giving, what you are receiving.  You feel how this relationship will be such a blessing to both of you.

This describes today’s Empowerments on Each live empowerment is a beautiful combination of meditation, visualization and gentle, loving, energetic healing.

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