Unicorn Answers an Important Question


I entered the Shaman Cave and asked this question:  How can we each thrive in this life while also staying true to ourselves?

Then I dove into the Pool of Truth and entered the Land of the Power Animals, seeking the answer.

A beautiful white unicorn appeared, with long flowing mane and tail and dark, soulful eyes.  She had this message to share with you.

Open your heart as wide as you can.  So wide that it aches.  So wide that you feel completely vulnerable, all secrets revealed, all truth made plain.

And now hear this:  The secret to finding your way in this world, for thriving in the physical while honoring your truth, is through service and relationships.

What is the greatest gift you have to give to other people?  What is the greatest service that you can provide?  What is that unique combination within you that brings other people to a higher state than they were before they met you?  What do you know about life and about people that will serve them and help them to find their way to a better life?

Your service may bring them to love, joy, health, wealth or wisdom.   It may release them from fear and self-doubt, from blame and shame.  It may open their eyes and hearts to beauty and wonder.  It could be a book, a song, a painting or a dance, as well as counseling, support and providing goods. 

Go deep into your heart and find this gift, this gift you are here to give the world.

And now, remember that movement in this world, this society, happens through people.  Even if what you are here to do is to give a book full of beauty and wisdom, it requires people.  People to print it, distribute it, sell it, and of course to read it and talk about it.

 And if relationships are difficult for you, then take a deep breath of courage and make a personal commitment to learn to overcome your fear by taking courageous action, over and over.  Courage is not the absence of fear; it is going forward in spite of it.

Find your truth.  Express it in what you do.  Then let it find its way through relationships.”

And  now the unicorn dips her head and asks you to touch the very tip of her horn.  As you do so, a most wonderful light appears in your hand.  Hold this light to your face.  Take a deep, deep breath and breathe it right into you.  Feel the light flowing into you.    Let it lead you to your truth, your power, your unique gifts. 

Now, breathe deeply again and let the light fill you with the courage to bring your gifts into the world.

I hope you enjoyed the message from the beautiful unicorn.  I wish for you that you may find your deepest truth and courageously bring it forth, shining brightly for us all to see!

Love & peace,


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