Wealth and Prosperity

I dreamt I was in an enormous building, full of busy workers. I needed to locate a particular man to do my work, but I kept getting lost, asking directions and following labyrinthine paths. There was a long hallway leading to a door. A woman walked by and complained that women were not welcome past that door.

I went through the door and continued my quest. I had to walk through many offices to get to my destination, and everywhere I went men looked up from their desks and glared at me. I felt embarrassed, apologetic and hesitant. I finally peeked around a corner and saw the man I was seeking—he was nodding off! I apologized for disturbing him and said I needed to talk to him. He told me to make an appointment.

I awoke with the feeling that there was a message in this, so I jotted down what I could recall and then began to set up the speakers for my Princess Feather-Light energy session. The speakers picked up a radio show about the financial market, even though I didn’t have anything broadcasting.

After my Princess Feather-Light session, I asked for the meaning of the dream. I got a sense that the men in charge of the financial world are asleep on the job, that things are shifting and changing and that everyone is so busy that they don’t see it. I asked for guidance about the whole area of money, abundance, prosperity and wealth.

I was led back into the shaman cave, to the round council room open to the sky, where we meet with Princess Feather-Light each morning.

There I saw a large flame. It looked at first as if there were a person inside the flame, but I couldn’t make it out.

I was then guided to dial into the conference line, so that I might record the answer to my questions and share it with you.

I believe the message is very important. In fact, I believe it is so important that I have transcribed it for you as well. I recommend that you listen to the recording first, so that you may experience the energy, and then review the transcript if you wish to revisit the concepts.

Click here for the 36-minute recording.

Click here to read a transcript of the message.

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