Your Magnificent Power

Here’s a message I received from Spirit this morning, all about your magnificent power.

What is this fear?  You think it is fear that you cannot survive, that you are not enough somehow.  Fear that you don’t have enough money and can’t pay the bills.  Fear that you can’t succeed at building a successful business or career.  Fear that you won’t find someone who loves you as deeply as you long to be loved.  Fear of being alone.

But all of these are disguises for the ultimate fear, the one that you have not admitted to yourself.  You are afraid that at your birth, you lost your power.  Yes, the vast, astounding powers that you had as pure Spirit and which you had hoped to bring with you into this life.  But when you took your first breath in this dense atmosphere and then began to live your life here, those powers seemed to have deserted you.  And you gradually came to believe yourself alone and abandoned, weak and powerless.

I bring you great news, tidings from your own limitless Spirit.  You have all the power.  You have the greatness you were promised.  You have, still inside you, the sparkling gifts of talent that were your gifts to bring to the world.

And all it requires is that you lift yourself up and out of this dense, low energy and into the light.  All it requires is that you truly remember who you are and who you have come here to be.  Everything, limitless possibilities, unending power, unfettered freedom and prosperity beyond imagining, awaits you in the Oneness of Spirit.

Remember.  Remember who you are.

This message was accompanied by a vision of our true power, similar to that below.


Why I’m Here and Why it Matters to You

In addition to singing, my purpose is to use my own special gift of pure, direct access to Spirit to help bring you to an understanding of your unique gifts and how to share them with the world, thus bringing you true abundance in all ways: prosperity, health, loving relationships and fulfillment.

If you are unsure of your focus at this time of your life, or are heading into transition, I hope you will consider my Now Voyager program, four sessions in which we will combine strategic planning with access to Spirit to set your feet right where they belong on your path.  I’ve had great success leading people to an understanding of their true direction. 

I am also available for single sessions with Spirit.  We will talk about the guidance and answers you are seeking, in any area of your life, and then I will take us to Spirit, dipping below the mental noise of fear and doubt and deeply into your truth and your destiny.

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Be well!  I look forward to our deep dip into Spirit together, to uncover and express your true power.

Love & peace,



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