Zebra Asks You to be Complex and Unique


Zebra has another message for you, along with a reminder to register for the free Zebra Moon Event this Saturday, April 4th at 5:30 AM Pacific/8:30 AM Eastern.  Why so early?  Because this full moon is at its maximum eclipse at 5 AM Pacific—so you have time to get up and take a look at the red moon before joining us.

Go to http://i-am-this.com/events/ now to register, before you forget!

And here’s your message from Zebra:

“Let yourself be as complex and individual as you are.  You are like me, not of one color, not gray or mottled.  Be as I am, distinct and individual, yet complex.

“I have talents in different areas.  I have opinions in different ways, come of them contrasting with each other.  I am complex.  So are you.

“Do not ask of yourself that you be perfect.  Ask that you be interesting.  Ask that you be full of the liveliness of life.  Perfection is boring.  Complexity and contrast can be fascinating.

“Are you not all one color?  Are you full of contradictions?  Excellent.  Be that.  Be your truth.

“And underneath it all, at your very core, where you meet your true center, you will know what to do in any given situation.  You will know which stripe is the right shape and the right color. 

“Let it all exist within you, the contrasts, the highly individual and unique shapes.  You are all of this.”

I hope to see you under the Full Eclipsed Zebra Moon.

Love & peace,



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  1. Nancy Vittum April 3, 2015 at 1:20 am #

    I love this. Monotones are definitely a thing of the past. Interesting, lively, juicy are the new basic colors! Blessings, Carrie!

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